Lacing Tape

Single Knot Wire Bundling

This is one of the most common techniques for using lacing tape to dress bundles of wire. You don't need any special tools, just a sharp scissor and some patience.

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Step One

Start with a piece of lacing tape about a foot long. The length will depend on the thickness of the wire bundle, but cut it long enough so that you can work comfortably. Start by forming a soft loop around the bundle of wires.

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Step Two

To form the clove hitch, slip the loose ends of the tape through the loop from opposite directions.

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Step Three

Snug up the knot by pulling the ends in opposite directions. It isn't easy to overtighten the knot, but tighten it just enough so that the wires are neatly managed and not loose enough to abrade against each other.

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Step Four

Lock the installation with a square knot. Remember, left over right, then right over left. Pull the knot tight.

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Step Five

Trim the ends to about 1/8" to finish the installation. This should be enough to hold the bundle together for a very, very long time, but some people put a drop of glue on the knot for additional security. Repeat this procedure every 4 to 6 inches or so, depending on the thickness of the wire bundle.