Lacing Tape

Techlace Lacing Tape

Lacing tape is an inexpensive and time proven method of wire dressing. It is used extensively throughout the aerospace, electronics, medical and many more smaller specialist manufacturing industries. In use, lacing tape does not create obstructions along the length of the cable, avoiding the handling problems of cables groomed by plastic or Velcro cable ties.

Harnesses bundled with lacing tape remain flexible and allow easy access to any wire along the length of the harness for configuration changes or breakouts. In weight sensitive aerospace applications, lacing tape provides a substantial weight reduction over even the smallest cable ties.TechLace lacing tape is available in a wide range of materials, sizes and finishes to accommodate any engineering requirement.

Unlike cable ties, the insulation on wires bundled with lacing tape has less chance of cold flowing and shorting. Also, there are no sharp edges to cut installer's hands when reaching into a tightly packed wiring cavity. Lacing tape is ideal for lashing wires or cables to ladder bars, conduit and other wire management solutions.

Lacing tape has a far greater operational lifespan than cable ties. Cable ties turn brittle and degrade over time due to environmental exposure and loss of plasticizers. This is particularly important when managing critical wire bundles in inaccessible areas. A single roll of lacing tape can manage any size cable bundle, from a couple of 22AWG wires to a fistful of heavy power cables, eliminating the need to stock and manage various size cable ties.

TechLace Application
TechLace Applicationon Mars Rover
TechLace Application

Lacing tape is specified in aircraft harnesses from general aviation and experimental aircraft to the most innovative and advanced commercial and military planes. Under the most extreme environmental conditions, even in this NASA Mars Rover, lacing tape is the preferred solution for long lasting durability.

Whether you're bundling fist sized groups of heavy cables or just a couple of fine wires, lacing tape is the ideal product for consistent cable and harness management. Lacing tape provides an economical and attractive alternative to cable ties or straps and allows wire bundles to remain flexible and accessible.